Vanuatu Travel Information

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Vanuatu the place they call paradise.

Black: for Melanesia and the Melanesian race
Red: for unity through blood
Green: for agriculture, the basis of Vanuatu's economy
Yellow: for Christianity

Main languages spoken in Port Vila are Bislama which is the main language spoken around then it is French and English.

Learn some Bislama

Good bye-Tata
How are you?-Olsem wanem?
It's good-i stret
Wher are you going?-Yu ko wea?
Thank you-Tankiu tumas
One Tusker please-Wan tusker plis
I do not want-Mi no wantem
Are you alright-Yu olreat

Vanatu is also well known for it's kava drinking. Kava is a root crop, that is harvest five years or more after being planted, the stem and leaves are then cleaned off thrown away and the root is peeled, after the kava has been peeled clean they then chop it up in little pieces, it is grinded and then mixed with water until th right mixture is done then it get sift a few time to get rid of any pieces of grinded root that is in the kava mixture. Then it tim to drink it, after you drinl the kava it makes you feel all relaxed. Kava bars here are called Nakamal.


Travel around the capital Port Vila within hours. There daily bus trips around the island every day and also daily fishing trips. Relax on our white sandy beaches or you can visit the island resorts and relax on the beach.. Visit the Mele waterfalls, our colourful market, go snorkling on the reefs of Port Vila, jet sky, go parasailing, jet boating and lots more fun things to do.

Map of Efate


Vanuatu is well known for its dive site, The president coolidge in Santo and also snorkling around our colourful reefs around port vila, beautiful white sandy beaches, fishing trips, Round island trip visit where the Savivour Vanuatu took place.


The famous Yasur volcano and the Toka custom dance which is on the island of Tanna, the gigantic banyan tree's, lots of wild horse's running around.


Black magic from the island of Ambrym, custom dancing,


Everyone is familiar with Bungy jumping, but this modern fad has roots deep in the jungles of Vanuatu, on the southern island of Pentecost, in an ages old ritual called the N'gol.