Suriname Tours, Places to see, Things to do

For a trip to the interior, you should count on roughly $ 100 per day. But that includes air transportation, boat rides, accommodation, guides and all meals. Inquire if the tour prices also include the 7% Value Added Tax.

The following tour operators are located in Paramaribo unless other stated:

Amar's Eco Tours, Estabriëlstraat 16, Postbox 9462, tel. 400373.

West-Suriname tour on the upper Nickerie River: Inquire about possibility of other trips, including day trips.

Arinze Tours, Gravenstraat 73, tel. 425960, fax 425966: Owner, George Lazo and his tour guides are from the Saramaka village Santigron. They offer an informative tour to their own 'roots'.

Cardy Adventures ( Dijon en Carla Smaal), Cornelis Jongbawstraat 31, tel. 422518, fax 424505: Multiple-day camping and nature excursions to among others: Brownsberg, Raleighvallen, Matapica and Maroon villages at the Upper Marowijne River . Day trips: historic walks through Paramaribo , and bicycle tours through District Commewijne. Dijon en Carla are professional and cordial guides.

Dubois & Dubois, Eldoradolaan 22, tel. 476902 and 476904, fax 472377: This family manages the guest lodges at the Blanche Marievallen, deep in the interior of West-Suriname.

Hendrison Tours, Andesietstraat 4 (Ma Retraite) tel.457391 or 08-30557, Fax 550550: Also manages holiday lodges at Bersaba near the Zanderij airport.

Independent Tours , Family Robles, Rooseveltkade 20, tel. 474770: Trips to the Blanche Marievallen, Nickerie, Brownsberg, Raleighvallen and Maroon villages on the Upper Suriname River and the Marowijne River . Other destinations are in their planning.

Ma Ye Du, Matoelistraat 22, tel. 410348, fax 410555: The brothers Toyo are Paramaka and they specialize in river trips on the Marowijne River . From their base camp at Pina-Tyari-Mi (Pushed by Poverty) on the French Guianese side, they lead excursions to the original villages of the Paramaka on the Grankreek, as well as climbs to the top of the Nassau mountains.

Mena-eng Tours , Albertlaan 54, Tel. 491080 or 08-56801: Tours to the upper Marowijne river n' Dyuka area in East Suriname.

Mets, Movement for Eco-Tourism in Suriname , Antondragtenweg 7, tel. 472621, 477088, fax 422332: Mets is a professional organization with its own tourist lodges and trained guides. Trips to Saramaka villages on the upper Suriname River, to the indigenous village of Palumeu and the Kasikasima mountain range as well as nature trips to Raleighvallen and Brownsberg.

Ram's Tours, Neumanpad 30, tel. 476011, fax 472411: ask for their new brochure.

Selasa Tours, Winchesterstraat 6, tel.401412 or 08-34851: managers of the Danpaati lodges (Boven Suriname river) in Saramacca Marrons people area

STINASU (Foundation for Nature Preservation in Suriname ), Cornelis Jongbawstraat 14, tel. 471856, 421850; fax 422555: STINASU was established in1969 to provide nature education to the public, to support scientific research at the reserves, and to organize nature tourism to the thirteen nature reserves throughout the land. Each of these sites offers its own unique landscape. Trips are currently available to Brownsberg, Raleighvallen and the sea turtle beaches at Matapica and Galibi.

Sun and Forest Tours, Gravenstraat 155, tel. 478383. fax 437512: Nesta Spier leads excursions to Sabana Park and Brownsberg, as well as day trips on the Commewijne River , along the old plantations. She also organizes 4-day tours to the Saramaka village Ferulasi, on the upper Suriname River . Inquire about the possibility of other expeditions. Nesta guarantees that your trip will not be canceled, even if there is only one guest registered.

Surinam Safari Tours, tel. 400925 and 455116 fax 455768. The Saramaka tour leaders plan excursions on the upper Suriname River and the Marowijne River, with a balanced emphasis on the nature and the culture of the regions. Backpackers choose for their expeditions with overnights in hammock camps. Inquire over possibility of other trips, including a day trip to the Brownsberg area.

Sur-Vive-It, Jupiterstraat 50, tel. 455522, fax 455408:Expeditions to the Wonotobo Falls , jungle hikes and survival training.

Wild Coast Expeditions, Prinsessestraat 37, tel. 424522: Sirano Zalman organizes one or multiple day tours for a minimum of four persons on his colorful boat to Jodensavanne, Matapica, and along the Commewijne River . His guides are well informed, and good cooks. Guests sleep in hammocks on board. Sirano also will provide for excursions on the Brokopondo Reservoir, to Galibi and to Washabo / Apura and the Blanche Marievallen in West-Suriname. He is flexible and imaginative about adding a one-day or an 'out of the ordinary' trip on request.

For information and advice on booking you can visit the Suriname Tourism Foundation. This Foundation is advertising and overseeing the general picture of tourism in Suriname . There is no charge for their services.