Travel Information, Suriname Necessities

Other Suriname Consulates / Embassy?s

USA: Surinam Consulate in the

USA: 7235 NW 19th St.

Suite A, Miami, Florida 33126 USA.

Tel: (305) 593-2166

Fax: (305) 599-1034.

U.S. citizens have to request a visa in either Miami or Washington.
U.S. citizens living in the European Union (EU) are eligible for a free visa, but have to register at the Surinam Consulate in Amsterdam or Brussels.

Other Surinam Consulates:

Belgium (Brussels) - tel. (32) 02 6401172, fax (32) 02 6463962.

Brazil (Brasilia) - tel. (55) 61-248-1210, fax (55) 61-248-3791.

China (Beijing) - tel. (86) 10 65322939, fax (86) 10 65322941.

Netherlands Antilles (Willemstad, Curaçao) - tel. (599) 94636-650, fax (599) 94636-450.

French Guiana (Cayenne) - tel. (594) 28 2160, fax (594) 31 7645.

Guyana (Georgetown) - tel. (592) 2 67844 or (592) 2 53467, fax (592) 2 53467.

The Netherlands (Amsterdam) - tel. (31) (020) 6426137, (020) 6426717, fax (020) 6465311. E-mail:

Trinidad & Tobago (Port of Spain) - tel. (1)-868-628-0704, fax (1)-868-628-0086.

Venezuela (Caracas) - tel. (58) 2-263 15 54 or (58) 2 263 80 94, fax (58) 2-263-90-06.


* Documents: Passport with a visa, ticket, drivers license, 2 passport photos for the Alien Registration Bureau, insurance papers and, if necessary for neighbouring countries, proof of vaccination. Make a copy of your passport and ticket in case you lose them. Leave a copy behind with somebody staying at home.

* Clothing: Cotton summer clothes, preferable light colours because these reflect the rays of the sun whilst darker clothing hold the warmth and also attract mosquitoes. A cap/hat, shirt/blouse with long sleeves and long trousers to protect against burning in the sun.

* Shoes: Sandals or light walking shoes and canvas ankle boots with a rubber sole for travelling in the boat. For jungle trips leather mountain boots are too heavy and will make your feet sweat and they also take too long to dry. Sneakers, sport shoes and flip-flops, in many varieties, are sold in Paramaribo. Flip-flops are best worn at home.

* Medicines: Tablets for diarrhoea, plasters, iodine, water purifying tablets, a needle or tweezers to remove splinters, mosquito repellent, pain killers and eventually condoms. If you are on medication (i.e. insulin) take enough with you for the duration of your stay, this will save you a lot of time searching for medication in all the pharmacists in Paramaribo.

* Toiletries including a good sun cream or oil.

* Also handy are a pair of sun glasses, a torch (with extra batteries), binoculars, knife, bicycle tire repair kit and earplugs.