Travel Information Suriname, Accommodation, Places to stay

Pensions / Boarding houses / Guesthouses

Albergo Alberga, Lim A Postraat 13

Tel - 474286.
Situated near the Presidential Palace.

Guesthouse Amice, Gravenberchstraat 5

Tel - 434289.

Guesthouse Sabana, Kleine Waterstraat 7

Tel - 424158

Guesthouse Wijngaarde, Dr. S Axwijkstraat 76, Rainville

Tel - 450230.

Full board and room is possible.

Fanna's, Prinsessestraat 31

Tel - 476789.

Mona Lisa, Burenstraat 6-13

Tel - 476927.

13 rooms with shared shower and toilet. Located in city center. No entrance after midnight.

Stadszending EBG, Burenstraat 17-19

Tel - 473079.

10 rooms and 2 studio's. The rooms are located in a new building behind the handsome old wooden EBG headquarters. No entrance between 11 pm and 6 am

YWCA (pronounced Why-kuh), Heerenstraat 14-16

Tel - 472089 or 472009

Fax - 472072

Characteristic white-wooden building in the city center. Accommodations are simple and good.

Apartments and Bungalows

Kristal appartements, 12 appartementen, corner Wilhelminastraat and Kristalstraat

Tel - 55 02 00 of 55 02 01.

La Paloma apartment rentals, Izaak Burnetstraat 108, (side street from Kwattaweg; 5 km from the center)

Tel - 464119

Fax - 471580
Furnished apartment with living room, kitchen, balcony,

Majella, Majellalaan 1 (side street from Kwattaweg)

Tel - 499504.
7 apartments available for senior citizens; also meals available.

Stardust / Riverclub, Leonsberg

Tel - 451544, 451959 or 450689

Fax - 452921

This hotel rents a number of apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes. Prices on request.

Hostels and hotels

Hotel AaBeCe, Mahonylaan 55

Tel - 472429

Ambassador Hotel, Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat 66

Tel - 477555.

Combi-Inn, Kleine Waterstraat 9

Tel - 426001 or 473991

There is a casino next door. Located in the middle of the entertainment area of the city.

Hotel De Luifel, Gondastraat 13

Tel - 439933

Fax - 439930

Hotel Era Fit, Cornelis Prinsstraat 87, (side street of Kwattaweg)

Tel - 434564

Fax - 495226.

Swimming pool and fitness room.

Hotel Flair, Kleine Waterstraat 7

Tel - 422455 or 474794.

Rooms cooled by fans, private shower and toilet. New building located in entertainment district.

Hotel Krasnapolsky, Domineestraat 39

Tel - 475050

Fax - 420139.

This hotel is situated in the main shopping street; swimming pool, restaurant, club with dancing and conference space available. Renovations are currently underway to restore the hotel to its former glory.

Hotel Plaza , Domineestraat 11

Tel/fax - 420350

32 rooms, restaurant and casino. On the shopping street of Paramaribo.

Stardust hotel / Riverclub, Leonsberg

Tel - 451544, 451959 or 450689

Fax - 452921

Swimming pool, dancing, tennis and sauna. Leonsberg is 7 km. north from Paramaribo , and can be reached by bus line 4.


Eco Resort Inn, Cornelis Jongbawstraat 16

Tel - 425522

Fax - 425510

74 modern rooms with private balconies and a eating veranda with a view of garden and Suriname River . Guests may use pool and sports facilities at Torarica, a 5-minute walk away.

Residence Inn Hotel, Anton Dragtenweg 7

Tel - 472387

Fax - 424811

40 large, tasteful suites located in the former Russian Embassy. Prices, including breakfast. Swimming pool and tennis courts. The spacious hotel grounds are in a peaceful location.

Hotel Torarica, Mr. L.J. Rietbergplein 1

Tel - 471500 or 477432

Fax - 411682,
Swimming pool, tennis and volley ball courts, sauna, spa, exercise room, tropical garden with a small zoo, restaurant, coffee shop, pastry shop, souvenir shops, night club with dancing, beauty salon and a casino. There is also a club situated on the banks of the Suriname River , with a sport shop and a pier. The hotel is newly renovated

Zeelandia Suites, Kleine Waterstraat 1a(behind the popular outdoor cafe)

Tel - 424631

Fax - 424790

Deluxe apartments in traditional style; good for business people as rooms have their own e-mail connection. Cafes, restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity.