Irish Studies

Looking for a change? Go abroad!

Studying in Ireland will give you an unforgettable cultural experience. Ireland has long been known as the "Island of Saints and Scholars"; while the saintly part may elude you, you will have no trouble fitting in as a scholar. There are a wealth of universities that accept foreign students, and finding a suitable course of study shouldn't be too difficult.

There are three main ways to study abroad:

  1. Your university may offer a summer, semester or year-long program in Ireland. Your first stop for information about studying abroad should be your college's international studies office. Studying through your own university will usually be the easiest solution: often your college will take care of housing and registration details. Among the drawbacks: your options may be limited to one particular school, which may or may not offer subjects you want to study.
  2. You may link up with an American program that sponsors study abroad. There are a few colleges, such as Beaver College, that run programs in various colleges that are attended by students all over the United States. This is probably the easiest way to go abroad if your own school does not offer a program. You will need to make sure that your college will accept the credits. (They usually will, with varying levels of complication.)

    Arcadia University, Arcadia offers eleven study abroad programs in Ireland, nine in the Republic and two in Northern Ireland.  In addition, Arcadia offers a Parliamentary Internship program.
    Council on International Educational Exchange offers a number of summer programs, and a range of assistance for students interested in studying abroad.

  3. You may go through an Irish university directly. 
    This approach may take a bit more independence on your part, although you may find it to be the least expensive option. Several Irish universities offer their own programs, ranging from summer sessions to full-year courses. You can get information from them by contacting the foreign studies office of the individual university that you are interested in attending. The European Business Institute will give you more detailed assistance.