Hotel du Vin & Bistro

The Hotel du Vin & Bistro is situated in a fine Queen Anne house in the heart of Winchester, a town which boasts both an ancient royal heritage as England's original capital and one of its finest cathedrals.

The founding principle of owners Robin Hutson and Gerard Basset is substance and wit without over-elaboration and frills. From the public areas, decorated by the trompe l'oeil artwork of Christopher Boulter, to the spacious and tastefully decorated bedrooms, this style is brilliantly carried off. Each of the guest rooms is named after a famous name from the wine world, and is comfortably equipped - with antiques, good furniture, CD player, and capacious baths - to create a private retreat conducive to real relaxation. However, it is the cooking which has earned the majority of the acclaim which has showered onto the Hotel du Vin since its opening in 1994. True to the presiding genius of the hotel, the food is stylish, imaginative, and respectful to the true flavours of its ingredients, lacking only the pomp and circumstance which afflict far too many dining experiences. And as befits an establishment which takes its theme from unstuffy enjoyment of the noble produce of the grape, the wine list is long on variety and finesse and refreshingly short on inflated prices.

Located in the heart of Southern England's finest trout territory, Winchester is a charming and quintessential cathedral city with historic associations ranging from Alfred the Great to Jane Austen.

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Hotel du Vin & Bistro
Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EF
Location: central Winchester

Tel: +44 (0)1962 841414
Fax: +44 (0)1962 842458


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